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Bike fitting.. from the bottom to the top

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There are many bike fitting protocols out there today, from the traditional SICI and BikeFit™ static bike fit systems to the 3D motion capture systems of RETUL and GURU. I think of bike fitting as a bit like kung fu, there are many schools out there but they all lead to a similar place with not one system necessarily being more correct than any other.

All the bike fitting protocols have the same common goal: to get a rider in a position where they are more comfortable and efficient.

The one thing that all the protocols do have in common is that bike fitting always works from the bottom to the top, from the cleat/pedal/shoe/foot interface, to the knee/saddle/hip/back then onto your hands/wrists/elbows/shoulders.

So I am going to write a series of articles touching on of the different aspects of bike fitting to match these protocols.

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