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what is bike fitting & does the "perfect fit" exist?

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Well its almost 2017 and bike fitting has been around for many years now, the technology may have improved but the fundamentals are still the same... Adjust the bike to suit the rider and their goals, style, fitness and mobility.

So “bike fitters” have been popping up all over the world with these protocols in mind and without much of an accreditation body anyone can call themselves a bike fitter and so it gets really murky for the consumer on how to decide who to go to.

Do you choose the ex-racer with no official bike fit education who fits per experience or the young upstart that seems to have all the latest gadgets and certificates?

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Let’s go through (with or without education or technology) what every bike fit should include:

  1. A series of questions to determine your cycling goals, identify prior injuries, highlight pain or discomfort felt when riding, and other pertinent information;
  2. A physical examination both on and off the bike to determine your body type and physical limitations;
  3. Observation by the fitter of the cyclist in motion on the bike;
  4. Adjustment of the bike to what was observed and measured in step (3);
  5. Observation and discussion on the adjustments while the cyclist is riding;
  6. Readjustment of the bike as per step (4);
  7. Repeat steps (4) & (5) until desired outcome is achieved;
  8. A report will be sent to the rider with a summary of what was done during the session.

Stop here and pause a bit, read step (7) carefully.

You don’t stop when you have the “perfect fit” as that does not exist, you stop when you have reached your desired outcome as the bike fitter should be fitting you to what your goals are at the time of the fit. Different goals and styles will result in different outcomes.

Getting a bike fit does not mean that you have achieved a “perfect position” and by no means is the position now your “forever” position.

Be informed and stay safe on the road