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    we provide physiotherapy to unlock the athletes full potential

    bike fitting

    we use the latest tools and technology in our studio during a bike fit, but the quality of the fit depends more on the training and skill level of the fitter than the technology used.

    performance insoles

    we can provide semi-custom and fully custom insoles

    cycling analytics

    we provide education about riding techniques and correcting bad habits

    cycling biomechanics

    We team up a bike fitter and a physiotherapist to determine the best fit so the body and bike can work as efficiently as possible.

    powered by Fahrenheit Performance

    physiotherapy, bike fitting, adjustments to equipment, education & biomechanics.... that is being powered by Fahrenheit Performance.

  • who is Fahrenheit Performance?

    Fahrenheit Performance is a group of Allied Health Professionals and Sports and Performance Enthusiasts who believe in optimising human potential through the manipulation of mechanics and sports science.

    Martin Choo

    MSc, BEng

    Cycling Performance Engineer

    Martin has a Masters Degree from Columbia University and an Engineering degree from University of Western Australia. While studying and living in the USA, he was an avid cyclist and competitive racer in the Northern CA amateur racing circuit. Now based in Singapore, Martin founded Fahrenheit Performance and has the role of the Cycling Performance Engineer & Bike Fitter. He works on the interface between the mechanics of the body and bicycle to optimise performance by manipulating physics and biomechanical changes with the rider’s musculoskeletal conditions while increasing performance and reducing injury.

    Martin is a certified bike fitter (RETUL Master Fitter, Gebiomized - Level 2, SICI - Certified) and also a USA Cycling Coach (Level 2). He has worked with competitive cyclists in Singapore, USA and Australia.


    Belinda Ting


    Principal Physiotherapist

    Belinda graduated from Columbia University's (New York) College of Physicians & Surgeons and earned a Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy specializing in Orthopaedics and Pediatrics in 2003. In her 9 years of working in the USA, she worked alongside renowned Sports and Orthopaedic Surgeons in Stanford and at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation to help local high school, collegiate and professional athletes reach their goals. As an Orthopedic Certified Specialist since 2006, she became a clinical instructor to USC, Northwestern University, University of Miami and SUNY Buffalo physical therapy students. In 2008, she became a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.

    Belinda is also trained in Classical Pilates and teaches Pilates to patients with low back, neck pain, athletes, cancer patients and post op patients.

  • services we provide

    it's all about increasing your comfort & performance

    dynamic bike fit

    Fftting the bike to the body

    A bike fit is the evaluation of the rider’s physical condition and needs, then adjusting the rider’s position accordingly. With the evolution of sports science, cyclists are looking for marginal gains in order to win races, be most aerodynamic and to become a more efficient athlete, but some just want to ride more comfortably or pain free.

    Sometimes, it’s about fitting for comfort vs aerodynamics with goal of reducing injuries and improving efficiency.

    clinical bike fit

    fitting the body to the bike

    If a traditional bike fit is fitting the bike to the body, a clinical bike fit also fits the body to the bike. During the functional assessment if there are any pathologies that can be facilitated through physiotherapy then it will be done prior to the start of the on-bike analysis. At times the bike needs adjustments and other times it is the body that needs adjusting. We team up a bike fitter and a physiotherapist to determine the best fit so the body and bike can work as efficiently as possible.

    cycling analytics

    educating the rider about pedaling technique and positional awareness

    a lot can be learned from watching a rider pedal and how they sit on the saddle and hold the handlebars.

    correcting bad habits improves efficiency and performance.

    power profiling

    understanding your strengths & weaknesses

    we first benchmark the Riders Power Profile by Index efforts of 5 s, 1 min, 5 min, and Functional Threshold Power [FTP] as they best reflect neuromuscular power, anaerobic capacity, maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) and lactate threshold (LT).

    this information can then be used to plan an indivualised training program, identify the rider's strengths & weaknesses and target events where they might be expected to achieve the greatest success.

    customised training plans

    tailored to your needs

    based on your power profile we can build a custom training plan to suit your individual needs.

    from a weekend warriors just trying not to get dropped on group rides to elite cyclists training to win the national championships, we can plan a plan for you.

    all workouts are designed to elicit an appropriate response based on your history and goals.

  • products we sell

    we are not a bike shop however we do sell selected items that compliment the services that we provide.

    we only sell products that we have tested ourselves and believe in.

    Fahrenheit Performance x PURPOSE Cycling Jersey

    Fahrenheit Performance x PURPOSE Cycling Jersey

    Collaboration with PURPOSE to bring this simple, sleek but edgy cycling jersey

    Based on the PURPOSE Flow PRO Mirage.
    Constructed with ultra-lightweight, stretchy micro-mesh fabric on main body and back
    Technical mesh on shoulders and arms
    Fly zipper protection layer with cover-over shield

    Purpose Performance Wear is from Singapore. They are the first and only triathlon and cycling brand from this country in Southeast Asia. Since they were incorporated in 2017, they have been expanding across the region and meeting the needs of triathletes and cyclists. #supportlocal #proudtobelocal
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    Fahrenheit Performance Podium T

    Fahrenheit Performance Podium T

    You've seen them on the podium...
    now you can buy your own Fahrenheit Performance Podium T.

    1. See sizing chart for your ideal fit
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    plane frameworks

    plane frameworks

    Plane Frameworks is an innovative manufacturer, producing full custom geometry ‘true monocoque’ carbon fibre frame sets.
    A fully tailored carbon bicycle frame made in a single piece.
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    Misura Leggero Saddle

    Misura Leggero Saddle

    This handmade (in the UK) saddle, designed to be as light as possible whilst still maintaining the highest standards of quality and strength.
    Each saddle is lovingly crafted from a unique combination of high performance materials normally reserved for aerospace and motor racing.

    Tested to the highest standards, the construction has been optimised to give the best combination of weight, strength and comfort, using the very latest additive manufacturing and CAD design techniques to achieve the most efficient structure possible.
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    Leomo Type-R

    Leomo Type-R

    Endurance. Power. Technique.
    When these three core skills come together, riders have the key ingredients to reach their maximum performance potential. Though endurance and power are universally used as the basis for cycling training, technique has been a challenging element to measure. Skills such as pedaling, positioning, breathing, muscle de-tension, cornering, and sprinting are all qualitative cycling elements.
    With the TYPE-R’s Motion Performance Indicators, or MPIs, coaches will now have actual values to validate their observations.
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